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There's no better recommendation for a medical test provider than to be the most trusted by Anchorage, AK's physicians. We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation for excellence, accuracy, and reliability. We provide a wide variety of not only the most commonplace medical tests, but also for those less common. Come see us in Anchorage today.

Patient support

We are here to answer any questions we can. As Anchorage's premier medical test provider, we want our patients to be armed with as much knowledge and information as possible and help them feel more comfortable while they're in our care. 

Our laboratory provides its clients with a Health Fair every March and September. At just $45 you can attend the Health Fair and visit our laboratory for discounted blood work, B12 shots, prostrate screening, thyroid and cholesterol testing.

Advantage Medical Laboratory's Health Fairs in March and September offer unbeatable test and screening packages, for:
  • Basic Health Care 
  • Cardiac and diabetes 
  • Fatigue and iron 
  • STDs and hormones
*Prices and packages subject to change without notice
Medical test in Anchorage, AK

Full service

Whether your physician has performed a medical test in their office, or have sent you to us, you can rest assured that our full-service medical test facility here in Anchorage is ready to serve your needs. Our staff is friendly, compassionate, and understanding of our patients, and is here to provide exemplary service.


Because we know that the accuracy of your medical test results is of paramount importance to your health and wellbeing, we use only the very latest tools and technologies in carrying out our medical test procedures. You can rest assured that there's no better equipped medical test facility in the Anchorage area.
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