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Health Fairs in Anchorage

We kick off our Health Fair in March and September! Everyone is welcome! Now is the time to get that much needed lab work at the most affordable prices! Come early in the month to avoid the end of the month line! Results are delivered within a timely manner, and we will gladly fax the results to your doctor if they fax us an order or give you one to bring in. 

Basic Info

  • Packages start at $45
  • Attend the Health Fair in March or September 
  • Are you Uninsured or have a high deductible? This is the time for YOU to take advantage of these specials offers!! 
  • No long lines since these are month long fairs! 
  • Held in house at the Lab!
Feel free to call for more details


  • Basic Health Care package 
  • Cardio IQ Profile
  • Diabetes Evaluation 
  • Fatigue Evaluation 
  • Comprehensive Iron profile 
  • Basic STD Profile 
  • Comprehensive STD Profile 
  • Basic Hormone package for females 
  • Basic Hormone package for males

Following tests/screens are available for DISCOUNTED PRICING in March and September!

  • B12 Shots 
  • Single Tests 
  • Blood typing 
  • Prostate Screening 
  • (TSH) Thyroid testing 
  • New Cardio IQ testing
  • Vitamin D level checks
Contact us for current pricing in other months.
*Prices and packages subject to change without notice
Medical test in Anchorage, AK
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